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Harmony with herbals: Mixing Organic Chamomile with herbs

Organic Chamomile: A saviour

Organic chamomile is one of the ancient herbs which has been used by the civilizations all over to maintain well being and good health with the herb being consumed raw in powder form and also in various teas and infusions. This gem of the herbal kingdom has been used by the females all over for curing the menstruation related issues and problems, which cause everyday issues in lives of females all over the world. One major herb originating from Asteraceae/Compositae family, chamomile comes in two major variants well known all over the world as Chamomilla Recutita, known as German Chamomile and Chamaemelum Nobile, known as Roman Chamomile. 

Industries of Organic Chamomile

Chamomile in various forms is used by major industries to treat various diseases and infections which are faced by people in their everyday life. Some of the major industries using chamomile are:

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1.      Pharmaceuticals and medical- Chamomile is one of the major herbs used in traditional medicines and other things that are needed for curing inflammation and skin diseases. Chamomile is also used for curing various illnesses like the common cold, menstrual disorders, muscle spasms, insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, various menstrual disorders, rheumatic pain, hemorrhoids and anti-cancer properties which the herb is rich in.


2.      Fragrances and Aromatherapy- Various variants of chamomile herb in many forms like essential oils, hydrosol, and powdered and whole dried herb have been used in fragrances and aromatherapy for ages now. Dried and powdered herbs has been used in making herbal burns and scents which help in creating a calm and soothing environment and providing a sense of relief in everyday life. The essential oils and hydrosols are used to make distinct perfumes and mists to be used by individuals all over the world. 

chamomile oil

1.      Cosmetics and skincare industry- Variants of chamomile oil, in it’s powdered and essential oil’s form is used in order to make various creams, balms and other things which are beneficial in curing various skin diseases and infections. The creams and balms made with Davana oil can also be used for sensitive skins making it a best choice to be used for sensitive skin.

2.      Food and beverages industry- Davana oil is also used in food and beverages industry to be used as a flavouring agent and to get a distinct flavour and aroma in dishes and beverages making it best to be consumed by individuals for well-being both physically and mentally. Chamomile tea is majorly used as infusion with other herbs to be used as one of the best infusions for healthy well being of individuals.

3.      Textile industry- chamomile flower is used as of the best known natural dyes which can be used in the textile industry as it supports sustainable living and well being of the individuals as well as the environment as a whole. Natural dyes which are used in the fabrics are good for the environment as they cause less pollution in water and air, due to chemical colours and fabrics beings used for the giving colours to the fabrics.

Benefits of Organic Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil is beneficial in many things, may it be from curing diseases like cancer to getting a flawless and glowing skin, chamomile in various forms can be used for a healthy well being and great environment for people. Some to the major benefits of chamomile oil are-

1.      Skin benefits– healthy chemical components of chamomile help in keeping skin healthy and glowing with moistening the skin and giving a calming effect to the skin and giving various benefits.

2.      Anti-inflammatory properties- Chamomile in various ways has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps in dealing with acne and other skin allergies which individuals, especially females go through due to harsh weather and other conditions which may cause the same.

3.      Menstrual health- Chamomile in also consumed in various forms in order to deal with the menstrual health of the females all over the world. Chamomile is used in in order to deal with menstrual cramps and pain, helping in well being of the individuals.

4.      Heart health- chamomile is also used in form of tablets and powdered form in order to deal with the heart health of individuals, with it’s healing properties.

5.      Mood enhancement- chamomile is also used in aromatherapy for mood enhancement and keeping the environment of the rooms and offices peaceful and calming, making the working of individuals effective.

Herbs to blend with Chamomile

Various herbs can be blended and infused with chamomile, in order to makes teas and infusions, which help in creating well being of individuals and creating a calming environment in spaces. Some of the most loved herbs to be infused in chamomile in various forms are-

1.      Lavender– chamomile and lavender both are powerhouses of aroma and have a calm fragrance, which can be used in aromatherapy in order to create calming and soothing environment in spas and various other spaces like study rooms and offices. 

2.      Bergamot– Bergamot is one herb that has a bit higher note of fragrance, than chamomile which helps in order to create a refreshing aroma to the spaces, making well being easier.

3.      Roman or German Chamomile- chamomile when mixed with other varieties of chamomile helps in creating more strong and rounded chamomile which creates a strong aroma.

4.      Clary sage- Clary sage has one of the best herbal aroma, which when mixed with chamomile creates a herbal and grassy aroma making it best to be used in aromatherapy and spas.

5.      Frankincense- This herb is a house of earthy and woody aroma, which when mixed with chamomile makes it powerhouse of the aroma.

Chamomile at Pavitramenthe

Chamomile produced and processed at Pavitramenthe Fair Organic Private Limited,  is used produced keeping in mind sustainable development of the planet as well as fair for life approach for all the stakeholders and members of the organisation, from farmers to collaborators of the organisation. Chamomile processed at Pavitramenthe has been done using fair and clean methods making it free of pesticides and organic.

Conclusion: Organic chamomile oil produced at Pavitramenthe is one of the best to be used in various forms like in powder, whole flower, dried flower, essential oil and hydrosols which can be used in various industries to maintain balance of the ecology and promote well being of individuals at all stages around the world.



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