Organic hydrosol is one of the major used water based products to have a calming effect on skin. Hydrosol are also known as ark in local languages of various countries, with majorly being used in perfumery and cosmetics industry. Hydrosol are used in perfumery industry in order to create different notes for different individuals. Hydrosol are less concentrated than essential oils and hence can be used directly on body. Creation biotech is one of the best companies producing organic hydrosol with all sustainable practices. At creation biotech we merge the art of nature with the art of fragrance. Our organic and sustainable hydrosol can be use as face mists and toner to get a clear and beautiful skin. Organic hydrosol is majorly used in aromatherapy, making a cool and calm environment with happy surroundings.

At creation hydrosol is prespared using all organic herbs and clean distillation processes. Our processing units are considered to be one of the best with world class eminities and clean surroundings.

Being certified with certifications like ROC, NOP, NPOP and COR we are the best producers of hydrosol. Organic hydrosol with ROC are provided only at creation biotech in whole world. With the essence of purity and calmness, creation biotech gives you the natural essence of mother nature right at your hand.

At creation biotech we take care of fair trade and fair for life approaches in order to be true and just to environment. With creation biotech experience the rich nature and calm fragrance of organic hydrosols.


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