Market Access

Most of our farmers come from remote areas. Before working with Creation Biotech, they did not have market access for cash crops and only produced grain for their own consumption. Some farmers have access to large tracts of community land, but do not have the means to cultivate. This leads to low productivity and lost production opportunities. We provide them with a market for different cash crops and also provide seeds and knowledge to improve their crops. This has given farmers the opportunity to start commercial farming and earn their living income.

Lower Farming Costs

In addition to stable market access, our farmers benefit from a drastic reduction in agricultural costs. The majority of our workforce consists of project staff who are dedicated to working closely with farmers, engaging them and training them in organic and natural farming techniques. We encourage the use of organic and natural alternatives to harmful pesticides and fertilizers. These organic and natural inputs can be prepared using freely available farm resources, eliminating the use of expensive chemicals. Costs are further reduced when we get our ingredients from the farm and save farmers' transportation costs. Creation Biotech also works directly with farmers, without the intervention of commission-collecting brokers. Taken together, these measures reduce farmers' costs by up to 35%.

Higher Revenue

Eliminating chemical fertilizers also avoids soil degradation. The removal of pesticides reduces the reliance of plants on external man-made means, while organic supplements are used to strengthen the immunity of the plants and make them more capable better resistance to pests and diseases and climate change. We also encourage the use of beneficial insects and organisms. Overall, these efforts nurture farm ecosystems and improve crop yield and quality over time. We also pay a premium to farmers for their produce, which contributes to increasing farmers' income by 10-15%.