Our commitment to organic farming directly benefits the environment and people on and around our farms. By removing chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and pesticides, organic and natural farming practices promote healthy soil, air and water on farms and produce crops free of chemical residues. .


Since the founding of Creation Biotech, we have dedicated our energy and resources to driving farmers to transition from conventional farming methods to sustainable, organic and natural farming methods. With our dedicated staff, we continuously guide and support member farmers in this process. Some of the main impacts include:

๐Ÿƒ Farmers have reported that the quality of the soil has improved markedly, is now more porous and produces higher yields due to the addition of more natural and organic inputs to the soil.

๐ŸƒOur farmers are more aware of how to manage the nutrients of their farmland. Instead of burning or disposing of crop residues from farms as in the past, they now return most of the organic and natural waste back to agro-ecosystems.

๐ŸƒThe amount of water required for crops during the season has been markedly reduced; we have recorded an average drop of up to 25%. This stems from increasing the porosity of the soil and increasing the water holding capacity of the soil. In the past, the use of chemical fertilizers caused the topsoil to harden, resulting in lower absorption capacity and more runoff lost during irrigation. In a year with little rainfall, the effect of the soil’s water holding capacity is evident.