Mentha Products

Mentha Products, belonging to the Mentha Family are used all over the world in major industries like pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Creation Biotech is the world’s only company providing Roc Certified Mentha products and Mentha essential oils.

Creation’s Mentha products are considered to be the best with all sustainable practices that are followed by the farmers. Creation Biotech Organic Mentha Products can be used in industries like pharmacy, perfumery and cosmetics. The workforce at Creation Biotech indulges in fair trade practices and fair wages which help in the maintenance of sustainability.
Creation Biotech provides the best mentha products in bulk to give fair rates and things for the stakeholders. With all the sustainable practices, we provide a safe environment for all the stakeholders. Stakeholders at pavitramenthe get proper traceability and transparency reports of the products which they are looking for.
At Creation, various mentha products such as flakes, crystals, essential oils, and leaves are made. Mentha herb is fully used in one way or another to extract products and contribute the remains to Mother Earth for regeneration. The parts of herbs that are processed can be used in numerous ways in n number of industries.
Mentha products are mainly used to cure stomach diseases and headaches. The essential oils of Mentha are also used for aromatherapy and making of scented candles. These blends are majorly used to create a calm and relaxing environment for an individual.

With Creation Biotech, explore the aromatic world of mentha and dive into the cooling sensation of the herb.

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