What We Do?

Our methodology begins with our farmers. In our integrated approach,
we begin by offering organic & natural certification and training to our farmers.

Who we are?

Creation Biotech is incorporated in 2015, located at Uttar Pradesh in India. Creation Biotech was built with the aim of developing the ethical business by practicing and promoting the regenerative organic farming with healing of natural resources; that could improve land and soil health and eco-friendly with nature also beneficial for society by serving them with good quality Regenerative organic produces.

Creation Biotech is working with over 4,000 small holder farmers closely and delivering the quality products worldwide. Creation Biotech is the producer and supplier of Organic and Fair for Life certified Agri products e.g. herbs, grains, spices, pulses, essential oils, edible oils, mentha oil and its derivative products.

We handle everything for you!

Everything is connected at Creation Biotech. Our methodology starts with the farmer. Our holistic approach starts with providing farmers with organic and natural certification and training. Through accredited sources and under the direction of our ground forces, we ensure a supply chain of high quality organic and natural products.We pay our agricultural partners a premium above market price to make farming viable for them. We have integrated all the decisive steps into a working business model to make the product sourcing and marketing process as efficient, transparent and fair as possible.



Without our farmers, we cannot move forward. Our model of success begins with building strong relationships with local farmers – recruiting them through local organizations and our own field agents. But sometimes farmers find us by word of mouth in their communities and participating in our training and certification program. After completing the program, they have the option of selling organic and natural crops in Creation Biotech at a discount or at local markets at regular prices. We source most of our premium ingredients directly from small producers engaged in organic and natural farming and under fair trade conditions.



The process of converting a conventional farm to a certified natural and organic farm is a three-year process. Meanwhile, Creation trains farmers in organic and natural farming techniques, and helps them sell cover crops at regular markets and Fairtrade. This allows farmers to benefit from our vast market access while being paid a fair price for their product, as promised.



Quality is important to us. But more than that, it is imperative to maintain the high quality of products that our customers have come to expect. We maintain strict quality control by maintaining relationships with our farmers throughout the growing season. We give them access to new knowledge about organic and natural processes and ensure that crops are grown according to organic and natural standards.



After harvesting, the crops to be processed are sent to Creation’s processing plants. These internationally certified organic facilities process and package products to our strict specifications. The processed goods are then transported to Creation warehouses located in Kashumra & Fulasi.